1. Honesty 101: Ms. Blunt vs. Ms. Rude

    Being expressive is the number 1 trend of this era. Although, when is it a real-blunt expression? When can we call a line is already been crossed, and a remark is considered insulting and demeaning. The trick is looking at words used to a judgement. A blunt person chooses their words carefully. Sometimes, they border on being sarcastic. A rude person talks loudly and tries to be the center of attention. Don’t give an excuse that it depends on how a person receives it. Words are words but apply the voices’ sounds and that is where you can hear their inner souls.


  2. Following a personal dream is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Although, it is also one of the daunting thoughts you would be crazy to solve. It is like a newly bought  350-piece puzzle that is beautiful to look at, open it, you’d feel like not doing it anymore. Once you follow that road less traveled by, you are also imposing a challenge to yourself. A big task to keep going even if obstacles can hurt and kill you. It is also a test of your patience and sanity. There would be a time you’ll be asking yourself ‘why go through this?’ type of questions. It can turn your story into a detective novel wherein you create your conspiracy theories. Then, you’d end your mind’s nagging by a question should I or should I not. A life of being monotonous or a life full of uncertainties and twist. You choose. 

  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an entry at my blog because of some personal space confinement. It’s like an induced social coma to myself. I guess, it was like my post-grad jitters. Now, I’m back with renewed perspective.

    As a comeback,I’d like to share some of my photos from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013. Above is Ms.Rosario Herrera, Editor-in-Chief of Status Magazine. 

  4. "Leather and Proper"

    @Penshoppe Top, WAGW Leather Full Skirt

    Today, we had our Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation Rehearsal. It still feels surreal knowing that I’m going to march this Saturday. Knowing this, I’m only a few steps closer to my dreams. Dreams do come true.

    I decided to wear something that would embrace my “being different” from others today. Leather is not something you would think off when “semi-formal” is the required look. Although, I’ve managed to get away with it. To balance the    edgy-goth aura of the skirt, I paired it with a flimsy and soft long sleeve blouse. Thus, creating that prim and proper look. 

    Can’t wait to legitimately walk for graduation!

  5. Thank you @StylebiblePh and @MarkBuenaobra

    You don’t really need high heels to feel confident. Wear clothes that makes you feel powerful and great! 


  6. There are times I want to cry,shout, and die

    Time that I can be mad, sad, and gag

    But, these won’t help

    Try and try

    Fly and fly

    Despair might face me

    Death might catch me

    But, I wont let regrets takeover

    For I have lived.

  7. Bike and Hands

    Street Artist: Blic

  8. Unfinished Business

    Cavite’s Street artists:Quso, Brian, Blinc, and etc.

  9. Bumped into Kim and Mafia the other day at SM Aura! I miss working with them :>  Both are working under Runway Productions, handles Philippine Fashion Week —— so, say “hi” to them when you see them this week!

  10. Planning my first official shoot for Rappler.com, I thought of swimsuits. It’s one of those fashion topics that girls, fashion and non-fashion oriented, could relate to. In reality, women have different body types, and picking the right swimwear is as important to picking the right undies for yourself! So, this Rappler.com Article is a reference guide for Filipinas out there! To know more, click “me.”

    Products I used for this particular photo:  For Me Monokini, and Folded and Hung Printed Cover Up! Shot by Adrian Gonzales|Styled by Maureen Manuel| Make-up by Diane Lorenzana|Hair by Blanche Guarino